“Horsepower” Charcoal on Paper, 2013

Throughout my entire life, I have been a maker. Like most kids, I loved to draw and paint. As I got older, I learned to sculpt and build miniatures, and revelled in making dioramas for classroom projects. For a brief time in college, coding was of interest to me, and I enjoyed the puzzle-based art of making small computer programs. Now, as an adult, I’ve even dabbled in making humans (proud mother of two little girls).

Of course, as time has passed and my interests (and dress size) have changed, I always seem to return to my love of drawing and illustration.

A lifetime of working with graphite always left me wanting richer, deeper shades of black. Charcoal satisfied this need for a time, but what a MESS. Not to mention the sheer scale needed to get a lot of detail in your work. So, when I was introduced to traditional inking techniques my Junior year of college, I immediately fell in love with the medium.

“Nigiri” Linocut Print on Parchment Paper, 2016

The way it laid down a rich, jet black against the stark white paper. The variable line width and organic feeling of nib and brush strokes. The way it worked in tandem with sketches so that you didn’t even want to erase the pencil marks. Ink became the only medium I ever wanted to work in again. Whether it was with a pen nib, brush, or even scratchboard or linocuts, I could no longer see myself working with anything else.

While lack of time and space has created a need to work in mostly digital media for the last year, I’ve made a vow to return to traditional inking techniques in 2021. As luck would have it, a new project idea was recently spawned between my husband and me, and traditional ink would appear to be the perfect vehicle to execute it. But there is one problem…

I have a pretty clear “style” that nearly always turns out very clean, clear, and cute. While this normally works fine with a lot of my projects, this new illustrated concept requires a tone that is darker, and more sinister. Certainly it’s not impossible to take on a new style, but it’s going to take a lot of work to break old habits and build new ones.

“Vacation” Ink Brush with Digital Color, 2015

I’m starting this blog to help chronicle my journey and share what I learn (and what I already know) as I embark on this new project. My hope is that it will help to keep me motivated, and possibly help other artists to pursue new projects or styles that might be outside their comfort zone. I hope you will take this journey with me and that even one tiny thing I discuss will help you improve yourself, as well.

Thank you for checking out my work!

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